Creating mindful products for your kids and you since 2017.

The origin of our name is an extension of the Spanish meaning for life. We emphasize on the importance of self-care and self-love in life’s ‘i’ aiming to bring a sense of mental and physical fulfillments to your lives.


Our products are made from high-quality 304L Antibacterial Stainless Steel, Non-Toxic Food-Grade Silicone and other BPA-free materials. Safe for the little ones and safe for you.


These are our core values we practice on a daily basis inside and outside of work. We strongly believe that a good life philosophy should extend beyond our company and shared with you.

Peace of Mind

“Quality will not be compromised” pioneers our design process to the production of our products for our consumers.

All in the Details

Building a meaningful user experience for our consumers begin with paying attention to every design aspects with the utmost care.

Simplicity at its Finest

The art of simple living starts with mindful and timeless products which brings a sense of serenity into our consumers’ various lifestyle.

Simple. But Stylish

To encourage good life experiences they begin from the little things. The promise of our products do not stop at its practicality, but extends to flattering home decor.