Joy Silicone Straws


No more poisonous or metallic taste straws!

Bendable, reusable, and perfectly portable, Joy Silicone Straws are poised to swan-dive into your cup. Come in a pack of 6 eye-catching colors and iconic patterns on its surface. Made of 100% platinum silicone which is soft and safe for all ages. Perfect usage for kids, parties, family and meeting fun!

Joy Silicone Straws are ready to bring you an enjoyable drinking experience!


Portable and stylish

• Easy to be cut to your desired length.


• Curved design at the end for easy sipping.
• Translucent color for easy cleaning.


• Soft silicone material that is safe for your kids’ teeth.
• Heat resistant. Safe for hot or cold liquids.


Medical Grade Platinum Cured Silicone


Length 17.5 cm x  Diameter 7.5 cm


50 g

Resistant Temperature

-30°C ~ 250°C

Country of Origin


  • Please clean the product with a neutral detergent prior to first use.
  • For normal daily care, wash with clean water. Should the product be covered with grease, remove with neutral detergent.
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe.
  • Steam sterilizer safe.


  • Product designed for infants / toddlers 6 month’s and up. * Do not let children use without supervision.
  • Do not use a UV light sterilizer for cleaning; and store in a dry place, away from direct sunlight and from sources of ignition/ fire.


3 reviews for Joy Silicone Straws

  1. Nerissa Harvey

    The straws are soft and reusable with excellent quality! It has exceeded my expectation since I don’t like using plastic straws at home especially for my guests with kids. I suggest all family with kids use these straws since they are easy to clean and going green.

  2. Michelle Merritt

    Great product for kids! it can be cut in any length for kids cups.

  3. Jennifer Clive

    Purchase this for kid’s party. they really love the colors
    and the little stars on it. It’s wonderful to have it in any size
    which fit in all the cups!

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