The Soufflé Kids Tableware Set


Prepare to deliver the perfect mealtime experience for your kids with Soufflé Tableware Set!

Our practical, thoughtful, colorful, baby- and toddler-friendly, 2018 Red Dot Design award-winning tableware set is here for your growing children’s needs!

The Soufflé Tableware set consists of 304L Antibacterial Stainless Steel bodies, PP outer sleeves, and silicone lids. All of which are food-grade, BPA, DEHP, PVA, Lead, and Melamine-free. Providing the ideal combination for a stress-free mealtime experience, so brace up for the best meal served!


2018 Red Dot Design Winner

• Thoughtfully designed for the parents encouraging a stress-free dining experience with their little ones.
• Antibacterial Stainless Steel and Non-Toxic PP Sleeves to encourage a healthy and safe meal-time experience.

High-Rim & Curves

• Thick, high-rim design helps little ones drink. 
• Reduce the little one’s lips from touching the PP Sleeves.
• Inner curves allow easy scooping.

Detachable & Leakproof

• Detachable sleeves enable direct heating to Stainless Steel.
• Lid keeps your little one’s food and beverages fresh.
• Lid also works as a coaster for extra stability and snack plate.


304L Antibacterial Stainless Steel • PP Outer Sleeve • Silicone Lid

Volume & Weight

Bowl: 430 ml • Plate : 550 ml • Cup : 330 ml • Fork (S) : 34g • Spoon (S) : 36g

Resistant Temperature

PP Sleeve : -10ºC ~ 110ºC

Silicone lid & handles : -30ºC ~ 250ºC

Country of Origin



Stop bacteria growth!

  • 304L (18/8) Antibacterial Stainless Steel, non-toxic, corrosion resistant, antibacterial.
  • Free of harmful substances such as BPA, DEHP, PVC, LEAD and Melamine.
  • Lab results show 99% resistant to Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli.
  • A tableware you can trust! Products passed CPSC Safety Requirements.
  • Non-toxic PP outer sleeves to protect babies from high heat.
  • Food grade silicone lid with leak-proof designed to keep food safe and fresh.

How to look after your VIIDA Product.


  • Product intended for use by 6 months and up.
  • Do not use in microwave or oven.
  • Do not let children use without supervision.
  • Do not use UV light or steam to clean the PP outer sleeve. Store in a cool, dry place.
  • Antibacterial stainless steel prevents bacteria growth on the stainless steel, but does not prevent bacteria growth on the food stored within.
  • When handling heated food and beverages, please avoid direct contact with the bottom of the hole exposed stainless steel to avoid burns.

7 reviews for The Soufflé Kids Tableware Set

  1. Michelle E

    Everything from VIIDA is so cute & such great quality! It is one of my favorite brands to order from, and I love that keep adding new items to their collections. The bowls are sturdy and easy to clean.
    We had several pairs of forks and spoons from various manufacturers. These are the only ones we use! They are PERFECT for little hands, easy to grip and learn with. Not too long or skinny. The spoons hold just the right amount of food, and the forks actually work!

  2. Joyce

    Such a modern set for an expecting mom & dad!!

  3. Vicky Gerard

    These are what I wanted. I was only really interested in the bowl and the plate but the spoon and fork actually are amazing because they are easier for my toddler to hold so there is less mess after meals.

  4. ivana peng

    These are brilliant, durable plate and bowl. Been using these over 1 year and color has not faded at all.

  5. Debbie S.

    Love this product and the quality of them. I purchased these with the idea that each kiddo would have a specific color. This way we could have the girls wash their own dishes! Only downside I see to them is the forks don’t really stab food and keep it on very well.

  6. Betty Mraz

    At first I really loved these, until I realized they’re not suitable for microwave.

  7. Carly Harmon

    Just buy it! Nice quality and good design. I like how aesthetically pleasing all of your products are not to mention the colors are beautiful. The quality of your products are the best! 🙂

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