UiU Collapsible Straw Set (General)


Changing habits can be difficult, Morgen UiU is offering a simple solution to help the planet.

Collapsible and reusable, the ingenious metal x silicone straw is burdened with a glorious purpose: to end single use plastics straws for good.

Made from Premium 316 Stainless Steel and Silicone body. All of which are food-grade, BPA, DEHP, PVA, Lead, and Melamine-free.


Lightweight & Portable

• Simply FOLD, TUCK and CLOSE for easy storage.
• Put the straw into the carrying case and carry it with you to wherever you want.

Plug 'n Drink

• The combination of two materials to retain the convenience of disposable straws for plug-and-drink.
• The standard size makes it possible for most usage needs.


• Soft silicone material that is safe for your teeth.
• Heat resistant. Safe for hot or cold liquids.


• Ultimate kitchen helper during cleaning time.
• Perfect cleaning tool for  UiU Collapsible Straw and others.
• Small enough to get into the gaps of many hard-to-reach corners.

Convenient Storage

• The Mini Brush can be easily stored in a kitchen caddy or hung on hook.


Straw – Platinum-Grade Silicone / 316 Rust-Proof Stainless Steel

Case – PP Polypropylene

Brush – Platinum-Grade Silicone

Lanyard – Silicone /  Stainless Steel / Cotton thread


Straw – 0.8(W) x 22(H) x 0.8(D) cm

Case – 4.1(W) x 8.3(H) x 2.5(D) cm

Brush – 1.8(W) x 21.4(H) cm ; brush head 0.4cm

Lanyard – 1.7(W) x 16.6(H)


Straw – 11g

Case – 20g

Brush – 9g

Lanyard – 10g

Resistant Temperature

Straw – -30℃~250 ℃

Case – -10 ℃~110 ℃

Brush – -30℃~250 ℃

Lanyard – -30℃~250 ℃

Country of Origin

Straw – Taiwan

Case – Taiwan

Brush – China

Lanyard – China


UiU Collapsible Straw :

Precaution Before Use

  • Prior to first use of the silicone product, soak the product in cold water and boil for 5 minutes. Then, wash it thoroughly with a soft sponge and dishwashing detergent.

Precautions After Use

  • Use a soft cloth when cleaning.
    * Wire scrubbers and metal scrapers may damage the product.
  • For normal daily care, wash with clean water. Should the product be covered with grease, remove with mild detergent.
    * Wipe the surface completely dry with a clean, dry cloth before storing to prevent irremovable water spots.
    * To remove odor from silicone, soak the product in cold water adding a spoonful of  vinegar or baking soda per cup of water, and boil for 5 minutes.


  • Do Not let children use without supervision.
  • When handling heated beverages, please avoid direct contact with the silicone to avoid burns.
  • Do Not use a UV light sterilizer for cleaning; and Store in a dry place, away direct sunlight and from sources of ignition/fire.

Mini Brush :

Cleaning and Care

  • Please clean the product with a neutral detergent prior to first use.
  • For normal dally care, wash with clean water. Should the product be covered with grease, remove with neutral detergent.
  • Shake off residual water and hang or store in a dry place after wash it.
  • Dishwasher and steam sterilizer safe.


  • Do not use other than intended purpose.
  • Please keep out of the reach of children.
  • Do not use a UV light sterilizer for cleaning; and store in a dry place, away from direct sunlight and from sources of ignition/fire.
  • Do not strongly pull silicone out or bend with force, it may break.

1 review for UiU Collapsible Straw Set (General)

  1. Gina Reynes

    I am beyond impressed with this silicone straw! ❤
    This soft silicone straw well tucked in a lightweight case, come with a cleaning brushes . No funky rubber or silicone taste like some other cheaper brands tend to have.
    Will definitely be ordering more.

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